It’s time for a science based sustainable approach to travel

We are asking the Government of Canada to put in place a border plan that relies on rapid-testing to improve the safety of the travelling public and allow families to reunite with their loved ones over the Christmas holidays.

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For months now the Government of Canada has been relying on a 14 day quarantine policy to protect Canadians from the global spread of COVID-19. However, these measures have not prevented the virus from arriving into our country. Canada, a nation built on immigration and global trade, remains isolated from the rest of the world.

It is time for the Government of Canada to embrace a better way forward when it comes to our border policy. A new plan is needed to increase the safety for all while allowing Canada to reconnect to the international community.

It is time for a border policy that is built upon the international best practices successfully adopted earlier this year in places like Germany and Iceland which emphasizes testing of travellers on arrival. This practice conforms to the growing border policy consensus in the European Union and aligns with the latest guidance from the World Health Organization which urges against unnecessary restrictions to international travel.

I am asking you to lend your voice in support of a new border policy that is science-based as well as safe and sustainable for the long-term. I am asking you to support a policy that focuses on rapid testing on arrival for international travellers, aiding in the earliest possible detection of COVID-19 entering into Canada and facilitating international contact tracing. Last, I am asking you to support expediting the introduction of this new border policy to Canada’s major hub airports and full implementation across the country no later than December 1st 2020.

It is time for Canada to safely reconnect to the world and it is time for a better, safer, way forward on border policy. I am asking for your support.

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